Water Polo Canada

The oldest team sport in the Olympics, water polo has been played informally in the scenic rivers and lakes of Canada long before were adopted the rules and modern arenas we know today. Since then, it has been winning over fans and participants with its exciting, intense display of stamina, strategy and heart. In Canada, water polo is brought to life by players of all ages competing and having fun in pools and bodies of water big and small.

Twofold Creative was asked to create the brand for the UANA Junior Pan American Games in Edmonton. Inspired by previous Pan Ams, a fresh and fun identity was designed for this event. The look was defined by bold colours and geometric shapes in order to reflect the energy of the junior athletes. Marketing collateral includes the design of posters, bus wrap, ribbons, medals, accreditation cards, t-shirts, towels, screen slides and banners.


  • Apparel Design
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral